Het wordt wel eens vergeten, maar de juiste kabel als verbinding tussen de componenten is van wezenlijk belang voor het eindresultaat. Het gaat om de synergie tussen de componenten, maar ook tussen de componenten en de kabels. Alles moet uiteindelijk in balans zijn, en als het geheel op zijn plaats valt is het eindresultaat +++. Wij staan u graag met raad en daad bij om dit avontuur met u aan te gaan.

Heeft u hierover twijfels? Bij serieuze interesse komen wij graag eens langs om onze woorden kracht bij te zetten.


Wij doen de distributie van Echole voor de Benelux.

"Echole cables define their existence within the following statement: The most beautiful sound is the one that is closest to reality through 'expression', not from superficial sonic 'cosmetics'. We feel very strongly that it is vital to be moved by music. It is through this organic facility that transformative musical communication can occur - the kind of listening experience that can only be compared with live performance. This is the aim of Echole"

Organic... Emotional... Truthful...

Finally, true engineering meets true audiophilia.

Skogrand Cables

"The secrets of the technology behind Skogrand cables seems to be as mystic as Norwegian mythological world and beings. Knut doesn't reveal much about the technology implemented and this might seems a bit arrogant at first, but the result and performance of Skogrand Cables speaks for them self. Over the last year you may have noticed Skogrand cables in some of the most respected systems and within the home of audiophiles and music lovers where you don't ask about the price of their audio chain as even a brief look tells you that its over-mighty.
Yes, why would they choose Skogrand's?...

Albedo Cables

We are a company that since 1996 has specialized in the production of silver wiring for HI-FI and HI-END audio systems. The priority for us when designing cables is to preserve the greatest naturalness and neutrality. To confirm the assumptions made in the initial design phase we carry out a lot of listening in a range of various audio systems in wide price ranges, using opinions of our customers. Standards to which we aspire are fidelity transmission, linearity, naturalness and high sonic culture. We experiment with types of insulators, geometry of cables, types of plugs and their confection. We follow the idea: if something is feasible, it should try it out. We offer the final of these experiences the reference model: METAMORPHOSIS.

Computer Audio

Lumin S1 Lumin X1

Lumïn The Audiophile Network Music Player

From MQA to DSD, FLAC to WAV, LUMIN can play all the high-resolution formats you could ever want.

Have a thirst for new music? No problem – LUMIN comes with native support for TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify and AirPlay, giving you access to tens of millions of songs.

LUMIN is always evolving. The full LUMIN range benefits from our programme of continuous development, allowing you to relax in the knowledge that wherever possible we'll bring you the latest streaming technologies.

In 2017 every LUMIN model gained campatibility with Roon, MQA and Spotify Connect — all absolutely free of charge.

X-odos xo|one X-odos xo|one

X-odos xo|one

The xo|one is a fantastic music server, that's easy to install and use. He has just one button and the connectors he really needs. The design of the xo|one offers purist understatement, paired with maximum sound quality through high-quality components, such as SSC® device, Furutech® rhodium plug and WBT® silver plugs.

Zie de X-odos reviews


Absolare Passion Voorversterker

De Absolare Passion voorversterker laat zich het best beschrijven met drie woorden: Resonantie, Vermogen en Puurheid.

Ontworpen en gebouwd door het Absolare-team met maar één doel: de emotie van de audiofiel.

Absolare Passion Power

De Absolare Passion eindversterkers zijn wat ons betreft een nieuwe benchmark op het gebied van single-ended triode versterking.
Deze versterker is compromisloos gebouwd, waarbij vrijwel elke component "custom made" is. Zowel de ingangs als uitgangs trafo's zijn zeer bijzonder, en gaan qua performance verder dan de reeds bekende Tamura, Tango of Kondo trafo's. Ook de overige toegepaste componenten zijn van uitzonderlijk kwaliteit, die volgens de blauwdruk worden vervaardigd door firma's zoals Mundorf, DueLund, AMRG, Stein-Music en Pyon Audio. Vele componenten worden in eigen huis gemaakt, omdat Absolare geen concessie aan de kwaliteit wil doen.

Ook deze eindversterker wordt ontworpen en gebouwd door het Absolare-team met maar één doel: de emotie van de audiofiel.

Absolare Passion Integrated Absolare Passion Integrated

Absolare Passion Integrated

Life-Like Musical Involvement

It has taken several years of research and development for Absolare to bring to market the Absolare Passion Integrated Amplifier. Leveraging what we have learned from our research and development of the Absolare Passion Power Amplifier and Absolare Passion Linestage Preamplifier, we have enabled the true implementation of a solid state amplifier integrated with tube pre-amplification. The Absolare Passion Integrated Amplifier delivers 150 Watts into 8 ohms and 200 Watts into 4 ohms integrated with a tube pre-amplification stage that utilizes a 42 step volume control (with remote control as well). The Passion Integrated Amplifier is housed within Absolare’s mono block chassis and preserves the luxurious Absolare product look and feel. The design is exceptional.

One of the key design goals of the Absolare Passion Integrated Amplifier is that the sonic envelope can not be correlated to the sound of any solid state amplification.

To achieve this unique sonic property, Absolare has utilized advanced implementation of dual-mono, individually powered solid state amplification architecture with tube pre amplification, combined with Absolare’s exacting standards which include the utilization of exotic components like Mundorf’s Silver Gold Oil capacitors and the use of exotic metallurgy, such as Echole Silver Gold Palladium alloy wire in both the signal and the mains power sections.

We can clearly state that the Absolare Passion Integrated Amplifier has the musical and emotional involvement of a tube amplifier with an inaudible sonic signature. It is most silent, most dynamic and extremely realistic where the mind is attached to music only.

Further, the design assures the realism of tonal balance, extraordinary transparency of perceived sound and recreation of a three-dimensional soundstage without boundaries and limitations. Shortly, the Absolare Passion Integrated Amplifier will breath life into your music.

Absolare Passion Phonostage

Absolare Passion Phono Stage

In pursuit of a phono stage that is able to reveal the soul of the recording with silence and tonal truthfulness, the Absolare Phono stage embodies our design principle of “Purity, Control, and Power”. Purity of signal, Control of Resonance and Clean power.

The Absolare Phono Stage is a dual chassis design with one chassis housing the power supply and the second chassis housing the analog phono stage. The dual chassis design perfectly isolates the delicate phono signal from possible magnetic interferences from the power supply circuit. The power supply unit is also internally partitioned with a thick aluminum wall separating power transformers from regulators to keep regulator outputs free of AC noise. The laser cut, precision welded 3mm aluminium chassis is enclosed in leather clad high-density fibre panels to minimize mechanical resonances. Input and output stages of signal part have dedicated B+ regulators. Final capacitor-resistor pi-filters are located inside the signal unit, next to the tubes. A separate transformer powers the tube heaters. Heater voltages are also regulated and filtered. There are separate Echole cables used for each stage between the power supply unit and signal unit.

The Absolare Phono Stage input is directly coupled, there is no step up transformer. High transconductance input tubes are followed by a passive R-C RIAA filter. Double output triodes enable a low impedance output stage. All internal stages are capacitor coupled.

The input stage of the phono circuit is located just behind the input terminals for minimum interference. RIAA and output stages are directly mounted upon a large CNC carved aluminium housing that provides a vibration free environment for the tubes and other signal components. Low ESR Mundorf capacitors are used for the power supplies and filters and Silver/Gold alloy capacitors are used for the signal path. All signal connections between components are point-to-point. Proprietary Echole alloys are used for all internal wiring. Signal connectors are gold/silver plated tellurium copper. Tube sockets are pure teflon with gold plated copper contacts.

Lichtnet & accessoires


Kemp Elektroniks

"Kemp Elektroniks is gespecialiseerd in het optimaliseren van de kwaliteit van het lichtnet voor audio/video toepassingen. De technologie van audio/video apparatuur wordt met de dag beter, maar het lichtnet niet..."



"Oyaide is gespecialiseerd in het optimaliseren van de kwaliteit van het lichtnet voor zowel audio als video toepassingen. De technologie van audio/video apparatuur wordt met de dag beter, maar ons lichtnet helaas niet..."

Oyaide: Audiofiele stekkers, wandcontactdozen, verdeeldozen, bekabeling, etc.

Audio en video liefhebbers weten dat elke verbinding in het signaalpad net zo belangrijk is als de volgende. De ontwerpers van Oyaide zoeken naar oplossingen om het gehele signaalpad en alle verbindingen te optimaliseren, waarbij men constant de beste materialen gebruikt en de strengste kwaliteitscontrole toepast.

Echole Power Centre

Nieuws over de nieuwe power centre volgt binnenkort.

Synergistic Research

Synergystic Research

At Synergistic Research we focus on a total system approach to create synergy in your system. All aspects of performance are taken into account and because there's more to synergy than just cables, we've developed some of the world's most innovative solutions like our PowerCell line conditioners and Acoustic ART room treatments and MiG resonance control footers. Of course audio cable and power cords are one of the biggest contributors to system performance second only to room acoustics so we pioneered several ground breaking technologies like Active Shielding with air dielectrics and custom tunable cables with Enigma Tuning Circuits to get you closer to the music than ever before.

Audio meubels

Absolare Absolare Absolare

Stabilian Platform

Het Stabilian Platform is momenteel het meest geavanceerde audiomeubel verkrijgbaar. Het meubel wordt compromisloos gebouwd, waarbij elk meubel "custom made" is.

Absolare uitleg:

"Let's begin with the whole concept of the racks. What is the real story behind, and what we have aimed for. As Louis Fernandes puts in his article for Finite Elemente 'whatever you do is wrong', this is correct to an extent.
With a slight ambition and exception though. As a team that has tried almost all high to ultra high-end racks manufactured until mid 2009, our engineers have started to inquire and I personally started to have a framework of how the resonance experts approach the concept.
Very simple: wood is expensive, pallisander costs a fortune, yet maple is very cheap (relatively). Use Canadian maple in better cases, or even more economical, high quality MDF (or even Tankwood), and be beware of the connection points and the structural resonance from top down. However, in each case, either the components are overdamped, the dynamics are gone, or the harmonic order is confused. It is extremely difficult to find a cheap and homogenous synergy with non-homogenous structure.
In 2007, we have realized the virtues of 100% natural patterns in 100% natural racks.

Pallisander, a derivative of rosewood and realized how shifting it is to use woods like ebony, which is highly sought after. Ebony is also rare, but it shifts the frequency upwards. Teak, or softer wood does it the opposite. Therefore a special rosewood from Africa is a solution for:
a. Racks
b. Acoustic Panels